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Planting material from us can be ordered from our annual catalog in the period from January of this year. To receive the catalog, you must make a request to our Email or by mail. When sending by mail you need a long envelope with stamps for 15 rubles. We kindly ask you to take into account some basic provisions related to the ordering of planting material from us: 1. We are primarily flower growers, i.e. Producers, not intermediaries, do all the work on our own, and all the proposed plants grow in the soil on our site, so we can ensure quality at all stages, but the amount of planting material, due to the same reasons, is limited. 2. Orders are accepted only in the catalog of the current year until September 1. 3. The minimum order value is 1000 rubles, orders for a smaller amount are not accepted and are not considered. 4. Planting material is sent in a package from August 1 to October 15, in order to receive money transfers. The material is issued in Moscow from August to September by prior arrangement. Some plants are sent and issued on site only in spring. Orders for indoor plants are carried out throughout the summer period. 5. Payment for orders is only preliminary, the postage is paid by the Customer, in fact the cost of shipping and packaging, upon receipt of the order, cash on delivery. If this suits you, order a catalog. Our email addresses and phone numbers: E-mail: litavrin@list.ru +7 (916) 45412-01 - Gennady Borisovich +7 (916) 23912-64 - Elena Viktorovna After receiving the catalog, be sure to carefully read the rules!