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    Cytherea (Citrus), Saunders A.P., 1953, CCAA.

    Hybrid. Semi-double, three-five-row. A flower with a diameter of 16 cm, glowing rich pink-red, later brightens to salmon-pink. The tips of the petals are pale peach. Petals are flat, concave, long, form a bowl. The stamens are short, bright yellow. Height 60-65 cm. Stems are thick, strong, bright. The leaves are bright. Early-medium flowering period. Flowers are long cut

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    The legendary peony Sarah Bernhardt (Lemoine, 1906). This variety is named after the brilliant French actress Sarah Bernard. He has reigned in the gardens for over a hundred years

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    PRIMAVERE. (Lemoine, 1907, France).

    Variety - interspecific hybrid. Semi-double, five-row, cup-shaped, anemone-shaped medium size, rare color. Outer petals creamy white, cup-shaped. Central - short, narrow, canary-yellow. The average period of flowering.

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    Louis Kelsey (Ernest Flint Kelsey USA, 1934) Extraordinarily beautiful and amazing peony!

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    A real aristocrat who will certainly have to replenish your collection of peonies! The inflorescences are two-row, cup-shaped, bright saturated pink-lilac color. Staminodes with a golden edge are bent inward, forming an even ball. And the oriental fragrance flowing from these magnificent buds is hard not to feel. The bush is strong, expressive and tall.

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    Lemon Chiffon. (Lemon Shiffon)

    The flowers are very large and well-formed, the color is lemon yellow with a lemon center, there are stamens, it does not fade. The leaf is dark green, the stems are straight, strong. One of the best among the yellow grassy varieties. The beauty and power of this peony delights among gardeners lovers.

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    LOIS CHOICE (Louis Choisse)

    LOIS CHOICE. S. Laning, 1993, USA., Peony A unique, stunning variety, densely double-faced interspecific hybrids. Height: 75 cm. Blossom term: average and early. Features: A masterpiece of rare color and beauty!