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    The legendary peony Sarah Bernhardt (Lemoine, 1906). This variety is named after the brilliant French actress Sarah Bernard. He has reigned in the gardens for over a hundred years

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    Lemon Chiffon. (Lemon Shiffon)

    The flowers are very large and well-formed, the color is lemon yellow with a lemon center, there are stamens, it does not fade. The leaf is dark green, the stems are straight, strong. One of the best among the yellow grassy varieties. The beauty and power of this peony delights among gardeners lovers.

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    Little Body

    One of the new varieties of dwarf peonies Little Corporal, bred by Seidl (USA) - has a height of 20 inches (about 50 cm - which is a very good indicator!), A luxurious unique color, a beautiful flower shape (in the genealogy there are such unique ancestors as Lemon Chiffon and salmon dream)

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    Candy Stripe

    Dairy peony with an unusual color.
    Refers to the "Collector" series.
    Flowers terry with crimson strokes on white petals; in buds red.
    Variety average term flowering.
    Originator: Anderson, USA, 1992

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    Sunny Boy

    Sunny Boy (Chris Laning, 1985). Completely terry flower shape (flower in flower), calm yellow-golden color with purple strokes at the center of the petals. Dark green foliage, the height of the bush is about 75 cm, large flowers adhere well to strong and straight stems, do not need support. Big rarity and dream grower!

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    Masterpiece! Today is considered the best grassy peony of the American breeder Bill Seidla. The color of the flowers is unique and incomparable. Hybrid. The flower is gorgeous, with a diameter of 20-22 cm, double, pastel roses.