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    Masterpiece! Today is considered the best grassy peony of the American breeder Bill Seidla. The color of the flowers is unique and incomparable. Hybrid. The flower is gorgeous, with a diameter of 20-22 cm, double, pastel roses.

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    Seyanets. Phlox «Intrigant»

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    Mountain Floks 'Becky'

    Becky Towe. J.Towe. 3.5-3.8; 60-90; WITH; 2000. Bright, salmon-pink with a crimson eye.

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    Floks «Atlant»

    Atlanta. 5.0, 90, C, Repri, light lilac, with a light purple ring, large inflorescence large and dense. Very powerful beautiful variety.

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    Floks «Ariadna»

    ARIADNE. Teplova N.A. 2.5; 80; WITH; 2002; The flowers are very bright, pale milky-pink. Phlox like glow in the garden. Inflorescences branched. Bush high, winter-hardy.

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    Harlequin ”(Harlequin) 3.5, 75, Wed, purple, leaves with a broad cream border.

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    Phlox "Anya Gaganova"

    ANYA GAGANOVA (ANKA) - 4.8, 70; S. Gaganov PG, 1935. Warm coral-pink tone, whitish star in the center. Wheel-shaped flower. The inflorescence is large, round-conical.

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    Phlox "Anyuta"

    Anuta - 4-4.5; 80; S. Reprev Yu.A., 1997. Dark purple with a violet tinge, velvety, blue at the base of the petals, and a raspberry ring in the center.

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    Flock «Anna Karenina»

    ANNA KARENINA - 4.2, 85, C; Konstantinova EA, 2003. Saturated rose-red with a strong brownish-silver haze. The inflorescence is round-conical, dense. The bush is durable, steady.

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    Phlox "Anna Sharonov"

    Anna Sharonov. 4.5-5.0; 60-70; C. Bright Crimson. Spectacular large inflorescence. Pleasant aroma.

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    Phlox "Amethyst"

    AMETHYST - 3.8; 70-80; WITH; Sharonov, MF, 1965. Amethyst-purple, wavy petals, does not fade. The inflorescence is rounded conical, large, dense. The bush is beautiful, powerful, durable, eimoreky.

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    Flok «Amadeus»

    AMADEI - 4.0; 70-80; PR; Konstantinova E.A. 1985. Light lilac with a bright large white center, fragrant. The round rounded medium-sized, dense. The bush is compact, powerful, the stems are dark.